2 thoughts on “LENS 2008-09: No 5”

  1. “This has been the fate of Loyola School
    lately. Instead of continuing the winning
    streak, they have been falling down from
    being the Mecca of Basketball in Trivandrum
    to being the Trash Can of Basketball
    in Trivandrum”

    This is a sentence in this month’s LENS which i object to. LENS, though meant for private reading in school, doesn’t mean that the language shouldn’t be civilised. Certianly this is not the way that one should describe their own school. When i saw this LENS in between my Model Exams, I, being the School Leader this year had objected to this but my complaint fell on deaf ears. I even asked the student editor to delete or rephrase the sentence before publishing it in the net. Constructive criticism is always good and Loyola has always been very positive about self-assessment.

  2. Hiiii….
    i can’t agree with what arun sudharsan said…..
    because it’s clear that the press has it’s own freedom…
    they own the right to criticize such events..and such cheap sendiments does not pay here…
    it is no matter that it is our own school….
    And i strongly support to what the publishers wrote in the last issue..because if we recall the past….loyola had an awesome basketball team….with many state players.but now the whole standard is gone….

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