LENS 2009-10: No 1

A new academic year 09 -10 has begun and Loyola is already bustle of activity. The annual academic results posted by Loyolites continue to top the city. The brilliant results have thrown the school into a wave of euphoria with new and better hopes for the future. The school after two months sports a new look giving a breath of freshness to the old.

The LENS team has regrouped after the holidays and is looking forward to bringing out news which caters to both the students and the ex-Loyolites alike. The team will bring out a monthly issue which will be put on the notice board as always. We hope to retain the simple look to LENS, but simultaneously bring out hot news.

As, usual your comments and feedback are highly valued. You can email us to loyolalens @ gmail . com. You can always be in touch with LENS at lens.loyolites.com, where the paper will be published even before the hard copy is brought out. It will be in the PDF format and is downloadable.

Download LENS 2009-10 Issue 1 (June) (.pdf; 721KB)

Available as an image at http://lens.loyolites.com/issues/LENS20091001.jpg

LENS 2008-09: No 4

After a gap of 3 months, LENS is back with the students of 9th  std in the cockpit. The revival of LENS would not have been possible without the able support and help of Fr. Joseph Edassery S.J. and Fr. Toby Joseph S.J.

LENS promises to showcase all that happens on and around the campus and the editorial board has made sure that the promise isn’t broken in this issue.

We hope that what we scribble on this page will inspire future Loyolites to continue our venture which will remain incomplete unless this tradition goes on.

LENS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Download LENS 2008-09 Issue 4 (December) (.pdf; 324KB)

LENS 2008-09: No 2

It’s all out fiesta in Loyola and LENS is having a busy time. From LAFest to Youth Festival, Loyolites have been busy showing off their talents. This edition of LENS gives you a sneak peek into the most awaited time of the year.

The response to the first edition of LENS 2008 was overwhelming. We had feedback and comments from both teachers and students.

We profusely thank all our readers for their feedback. We will try to improve in the light of these comments.

Download LENS 2008-09 Issue 2 (August) (.pdf; 593KB)

Available as an image at http://lens.loyolites.com/issues/LENS 2EDITION.jpg

LENS 2008-09: No 1

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A new academic year starts and LENS is back with a bang. This year with the students of tenth at the helm, LENS gets underway with the able support of Fr. Joseph Edassery and Mr.Pratap Chandran.

LENS brings you the latest news and happenings on and off the campus. This year, the editors hope to bring out at least one issue every month. We hope to rope in more students as reporters for the coming editions.

This year LENS has started a new column “BANG ON TARGET” which will evaluate each and every happening of the school. We don’t mean to hurt anyone’s personal feelings by this addition.

The news will be presented in a student friendly format and we hope that we will be able to continue the outstanding work done by our seniors.

Download LENS 2008-09 Issue 1 (July) (.pdf; 434KB)